Clean Up Package
  Exterior and Interior
Did you forget about something this fall? Get your car get your car ready for this winter.
The Complete Detail
  Exterior and Interior
When your car deserves the very best. Our Complete Detail package is the choice for you. We start off with a hand wash and give your cars exterior and interior the tender loving care it deserves.

Car care is more than keeping your car looking good. It's about extending the life of your car, ensuring that your vehicle runs properly and at peak performance.
At Jay Clean we continuously strive to provide you and your car with the best quality auto detailing. More than just a simple cleaning, Jay Clean brings superior attention and an eye for detail to each and every car that we work on.
Using high-quality products, we can turn even the ugliest duckling into something you'll be proud to own, and drive.

Even more, our friendly and efficient staff is trained to adhere to the highest standards of service. Rest assured that you'll receive only the best that Jay Clean - and the industry - has to offer.

Call us and find out how we can make your diamond shine even brighter.